Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

For My Presentation

Thanks to brother Maula for time given, Good morning my friends, here I was the first speaker of the class L will try to explain to my friends all about how to achieve success in our lives and also our education as a student. The first way is a failure. as we know, failure often can not be avoided in any business and our hard work. as said by a wise man, failure is success delayed. For example, if we fail in a test, of course, we will strive to improve the results of future tests. certainly not to fail again in the same way. The second way is to set goals. We must have a purpose in our lives and our education. We have to have short-term goals and long term goals. For example, we have got a high GPA for this semester as our short-term goals and then graduated from college with a fast and quick in getting a job. Gratitude, then can get married immediately after it as a long-term goal. The third way is to never rely on luck. Do not just rely on luck, although there is a Javanese proverb says that smart people was defeated with people who had the luck. But you should know that luck does not come for the second time. The fourth way is the action, besides planning, we also have to hard work as a proof of our seriousness. Hard work is what then known as the action or implementation of the plans we make. So, talk less, do more. The fifth way is stay optimistic. Optimism is our most crucial problems, you know?. in any business that we do, we often fall into the abyss called pessimism. then this is where we lose confidence and motivation to make an effort. So, optimism is the key for success or failure of our. so, to me this is where the occasion for explain about how to achieve success in life and our education to all comrades. the next explanation will be delivered by sister Marsitoh as the second speaker of the class L.

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